It all starts with the song. If you were to strip away all the production and just sit down with just a piano and a vocalist, would the song still evoke emotion?

My goal is to tell stories (fictional and biographical) that provoke thought. Every song, regardless of how deep it is, must say something. It is these types of songs that stand the test of time.


There’s more to a music project than just the recording. There’s sound development, song selection and sequencing, studio and musician fees, charts, engineers, contracts, budgets, rollout strategies, marketing, public relations, photo shoots, graphic design, etc.

Whether it’s one song or an entire album, I can assist you in cultivating your project from inception to completion and beyond.


There’s more to a photo than just aiming and pressing the shutter button: lighting, aperture, framing, exposure time, f-stop are just some of the factors. “Megapixels” don’t matter as much as lenses and framing. It’s not what you have, but how you use it.

I have over 10 years of photography experience: from pinhole to film to digital, headshots and candids, still life and architecture, and much more.


What is your motivation? What make you unique? Why should someone buy into your brand as opposed to someone else’s? Talent is only one part of the equation.

From the construction of an artist’s sound to image branding, media training to contracts, photo shoots and more, it takes development and action steps to bring a project to fruition.  This process is necessary to take an artist from open mics to arenas, a clothing line from drawings to fashion week, and a brand from idea to reality.


Copyright law is ever-changing, revenue streams are fluctuating, and misinformation could mean the difference between luxury and poverty. was created due to the lack of easy-to-understand information available.

Through master classes, panel speaking and/or one-on-one consults, let me break it down to its simplest form.


The relationship of music to film is like the cherry finish on a classic wood table. In good hands, the finish accentuates the beauty of what’s already there. In not-so-good hands, the diminished piece won’t be seen in its full potential.

This task requires the ability to find and select music that perfectly complements the visuals, combined with the licensing knowledge and skill to secure the rights from the copyright owners.


To survive in today’s marketplace, you must have a strong brand. This not only includes the visuals that you present to the world, but how easily accessible you are to consumers.

Is your website easy to navigate & easily accessible on mobile devices? Can you be reached on Facebook or Twitter? Does your visual presence describe who you are as a brand?

Let’s join forces in constructing your brand identity, from logo to website development, marketing strategies and more.

My purpose is to help others achieve your goals.

Whether you need songs for a film, photos, knowledge about the entertainment industry, a promo video, or just general help with your brand, allow me to partner with you to take your project to the next level.